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WBCC welcomes crews to the

2022 WBCC Road Rally Championship


This year we are hoping to achieve eleven rounds of which eight will count for the WBCC Championship.


To enter, you only need your WBCC membership at £15. A WBCC representative will normally be at each round so facilitate your membership.


Please note that due to family commitments there will be no WBCC rep at the first round, the Rali Brynai Clwyd, on the 5th/6th Feb. However you can apply for your membership through the WBCC website at, or see the WBCC rep at the next round.


Any crews that sign up on the second round but also competed on the first round will have their first round points included.


To be awarded points, competitors must state WBCC as named club on their entry forms.  If you enter under more than one club, then please put WBCC as the first named club to assist the Championship co-ordinator.


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